Sunday, May 16, 2010

Iowa Dem Senate candidates speak

The Des Moines Register printed an issues statement for the Iowa Democrat candidates for US Senate. Details distinguish Iowa Democrats in U.S. Senate race
To create jobs, the federal government should use targeted tax breaks to aid small businesses, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and new industries, Roxanne Conlin says.

Spend federal tax money on construction work on sewers, water treatment, the electrical grid, roads, mass transit and other projects to create jobs, Tom Fiegen says.

Scotch heavy outsourcing of jobs to Mexico and Asia, Bob Krause says.

The three Democratic candidates who hope to bump Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley from his 30-year seat in the U.S. Senate share similar views on most issues.
I'm not sure why we would send scotch to Mexico in place of any other adult beverage, but maybe Krause is on to something.

Most of their views were similar. All meat for the liberals in the state.

Some ideas to point out from the candidate Fiegan:
National defense - Fiegen thinks Israel and Mexico pose the biggest threat. Israel? Really?

Healthare - Fiegen said: "Devote more focus and resources on wellness. Reduce the reimbursement to some specialties, like cardiology." Going to let grandma die of a heart attack, eh?

Immigration - Fiegen wants to require a bio-security card for all workers seeking U.S. entry. After that, everyone gets chipped?
Looking at the gun laws in the country:
Conlin would close the "gun show loophole," which allows the sale of guns without a background check. She would require waiting periods to make sure that those with mental illnesses and criminal records can't obtain guns.

Conlin would also reinstate the ban on assault weapons, but said she realizes the definition of assault weapon may need refinement.

Fiegen questions importing "junk firearms" from China, but otherwise neither he nor Krause suggested any changes to federal gun laws.
Conlin wants to make it harder for citizens to get a firearm and end private sales. Would her definition of an "assault weapon" include a Ruger 10/22 since it can hold a magazine greater than 10 rounds? We don't know what her "refinements" would include.

We also don't know what junk firearms Feigen was referring to. I've handled a few Norincos and have been satisfied with them. I've handled some cheap crap produced by manufacturers in the states and I wouldn't put a round through them. I'm assuming any AK variant is what he's talking about.

For more candidate views on the issues that the Register is interested in, go to Details distinguish Iowa Democrats in U.S. Senate race

So in celebration of these candidates views, I'll go out to purchase a Norinco in a private sale (bonus if at a gun show), fire off a few rounds, and then have a scotch on the rocks after getting back from the range.

Kudos to the Register for providing these ideas.

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