Friday, May 7, 2010

Fire Chief drunk on duty

CARLISLE, Iowa (AP) — According to a police report, Carlisle Fire Chief Scott Burger appeared to be drunk when he responded last week to a 911 call from a man whose wife was going into diabetic shock.

According to the report, a Carlisle police officer who confronted Burger after the incident said Burger admitted to violating department policy by drinking two beers while on duty.

It also says a breath sample indicated that Burger's blood alcohol was almost twice the legal limit.

Officers who were at the scene said Burger did not seem to be helping the woman effectively.

Burger, who has been placed on administrative leave, has not commented on the incident.

Police report says Carlisle fire chief was drunk on duty
Two beers and he's twice the legal limit (to drive)? What does he weigh, 80 pounds?

Why was this clown not arrested by the officers on the scene?

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