Monday, May 31, 2010

Jeffrey McAdam murdered

In a senseless murder, Jeffrey McAdam of Victor was shot and killed at a rest stop along I-80 Saturday night, 5/29/10. Rest area employee shot and killed near Victor

He was going about his job.

By all accounts, Jeff was a good guy and mutual friends affirm this. I didn't know Jeff personally, but this is hitting hard those close to him. Reactions vary, but most demand justice and I hope they got the right guy. The accused, Peter Riggs of Nebraska is sitting in the Iowa County jail right now.

This happened in my county, my community. Victor is just a few miles away from the Stranded house, and we attended an occasional service at the Victor Baptist church, where Jeff was a member. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the McAdam family and friends.

If rumors are true about why Jeff was shot, the bastard who perpetrated this crime had better pray they change venue for the trial.

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