Sunday, May 30, 2010

A response to a statement (updated)

Last week, a friend's wife declared that no one should carry a gun.

In a rest stop on I-80, a part-time maintenance worker was shot and killed last night.
A part time maintenance worker died in a shooting at an I-80 rest stop Saturday night. The shooting happened in the men’s room at the rest area located near mile marker 208 on I-80.
That’s an area near the Iowa County community of Victor.

Iowa County authorities have not identified the victim who was apparently shot sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. Saturday night. However, Ned Minehart, a supervisor for the company that has the maintenance contract with the Iowa D-O-T, did confirm the victim was a part time worker at the rest stop.

Fatal shooting at I-80 rest stop being investigated
A Wisconsin trucker, discovered the man and called for help but there was simply nothing anyone could do at that point.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this man's family.

UPDATE - Authorities found the bastard.
Peter Riggs, 31, of Columbus, Neb., was arrested in Johnson County. Riggs is a suspect in the murder of Jeffrey D. McAdam, 46, of Victor, who was found by a truck driver inside the men's bathroom at the Interstate Highway 80 rest area near 208 mile marker.

Rest area employee shot and killed near Victor
Video fixed


straightarrow said...
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strandediniowa said...

My friend and his wife were made for each other. She's been sheltered is all.

strandediniowa said...

Out of respect for the family, I've removed the comment above.

SA, I'm sure you didn't mean anything and it was mild by my standards, but I'll keep it on the sidelines for now.

straightarrow said...

Do as you wish, it's your site. However, my opinion holds. I am completely out of tolerance for people who deny reality. Being sheltered is no excuse for being intentionally ignorant. Not even for friends.

strandediniowa said...

This is hitting close to home, SA and I agree with you. Just not how you worded it is all.

straightarrow said...

I know how that is. My family doesn't enjoy me much either. The one I grew up in, not the one my wife and I built.

They're all touchy-feely, which is fine, Hell I get misty at convenience store grand openings, but it is not ok for them to deny reality and I long ago quit being careful of their feelings. I don't go out of my way to irritate them. But if something comes up, I don't mince words with them. One benefit has been that they don't bring up a lot of the idiocy they used to subject me to.

I once had a friend who didn't know for whom she was going to vote for because she didn't know who was going to win, so she wanted to wait and watch the polls so she could vote for the winner.

I couldn't bring myself to associate with her anymore. I was polite when we ran into each other, but that was all I had left for her. We were in our forties then, so we weren't kids. But I realized she and those like her were the problem with my country and the reason I have been in a constant struggle to try to maintain my liberty in the face of all the assaults on our rights.

Her ilk are the reason all of us are in jeopardy along with our way of life and our liberty.

I know some think I am harsh, but I am completely out of tolerance for these people. As long as we allow them to remain comfortable in their ignorance they will continue to supply weight to the enemies of liberty who use that weight to keep up their momentum.

straightarrow said...

I will be in Omaha the middle of June and perhaps Atlantic, Ia one day. Are you close to either?

strandediniowa said...

I live over by the Amana colonies, SA. Drop me an email on dates and such and we can exchange schedules.