Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pleasant Hill meth-head officer fired

Via David Codrea at War on Guns
The city of Pleasant Hill Friday terminated a police officer who is accused of crashing his police squad car while high on methamphetamine. That's just one of several new developments in the case of Sgt. Daniel Edwards.

Edwards also was charged with burglary, a Class D felony. Late Friday afternoon, authorities confirmed that the burglary charge was filed because there is probable cause Sgt. Edwards stole meth from the Pleasant Hill evidence room.

Pleasant Hill Officer Fired Following Burglary Charge
Here in Iowa, this is the fourth officer in a week that's been either convicted or charged with various crimes. Does this make it a rash or a spate?

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Bawb said...

Unfortunately, these are just the ones who got caught. The increasing militarization of the police and the process of going from peace officer to law enforcement officer has led to some real gems with "the attitude" getting on the force.