Friday, May 28, 2010

Teacher arrested

MFL MarMac teacher faces alcohol, gun charges
Monona police say Richard Nance, 58, has been charged with supplying alcohol to a minor, violation of gun conveyance law, and open container. He was arrested Monday night after a joint investigation involving the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Clayton County Sheriff’s Office and Monona Police Department.

Police worked with a student to stake out a meeting at a car wash. Police witnessed Nance giving the student alcohol. Nance was arrested at the car wash.
Now the noble teacher stakes his claim to an unwary student, plying him/her with an overabundance of alcohol. After the break, we'll observe the local authorities taking this vocal instructor down. Tonight on "Teachers Gone Bad".

My guess is that there was a history and pattern of behavior with this guy.


Nicole Harris said...

This isn't surprising, it was a long time coming! I graduated in 2008, his first school year at MFL, and a bunch of us told Mr. Hejhal that he was being creepy with us, but neither he nor anyone else believed us. We were told we were just reading too much into things.
Mr. Nance is the reason I quit chorus my senior year, because lessons with him were so unbearably uncomfortable I never wanted to go. He would always touch you and talk to you creepy, not in a teacher way. He also has a TERRIBLE temper.
A lot of girls dropped out that year.

Maybe they should have listened to us then, huh?
Turns out we were telling the truth.

straightarrow said...

What's with the gun charge? It was in the trunk for Pete's sake.

As for everything else. Public pillory.

strandediniowa said...

Nicole, it's sad that you had to experience a predator in an environment where no one listened to you. It seems that there is at least one in every school and shame on teachers and administrators who wouldn't listen to you. A pox on them all.

Too bad we can't bring back the stocks, that way you could bring about some form of justice.

SA, it is illegal in Iowa to transport a loaded firearm unless you have a permit to carry and then only on or about your person. I assume the article meant trunk not truck of his car. That's not allowed here. It has to be unloaded (including magazines) and in a case.

straightarrow said...

Well, SII, that just sucks sewer water. My life was saved one night in Iowa by carrying a loaded .357magnum in my car. I was headed home from a job in Madison during a blizzard and had I not had that loaded firearm, I would have never made it home. At the rest area on I-29 northbound just south of Council Bluffs. I think I will continue to use my own judgment and let the "authorities" go pound sand up their asses, or worse.

Oh, and I didn't have to kill any one of the five would-be assailants. I suppose that is not an acceptable outcome according to the drones who make and enforce the law, but I was pretty damned fond of it.

strandediniowa said...

SA, we had a murder at a rest stop on I-80 last night and I think your methods are a good solution to this kind of problem.

I'm glad your outcome was much better.