Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gov Chester's driver owns the road

Apparently Gov Chester's driver doesn't like to be flipped the bird:
He [Ed Allen] and his family were driving along 22nd Street in West Des Moines Sunday afternoon. He said a black unmarked SUV tried to cut into his lane and nearly hit his car. The driver's wife flipped off the governor's driver and that's when the governor's SUV flipped on red and blue lights and began to follow the car south on 22nd, west on I-235 and eventually south on I-35, where the trooper allegedly tried to pull in front of the car and stop in the middle of the interstate.
Watching the video, it's apparent that our governor needs to shed a few pounds.

Read the rest of the story: Iowa Governor Involved In Traffic Stop Investigation and don't neglect the comments.

It's becoming obvious that our governor is growing (and not just his waist line) into more of a laughing stock. He's not having a good week.

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