Thursday, May 27, 2010

P0rn teacher won't face charges

Polk County Attorney John Sarcone declined to press charges against a Wright Elementary school "art" teacher who decided that it was appropriate to show a Youtube video of a Keith Haring cartoonish depiction of a couple of guys masturbating to 9 or 10 year olds.
Sarah Foster, whose 10-year-old son attends Wright, complained to district officials and police, but authorities said the showing didn’t cross a criminal line, Sarcone said.

Suspended Des Moines art teacher won’t face criminal charges
If it's on the internet, it can't be p0rn, right?

So if a pervert exposes himself to a child, he is a sex offender for life. But someone who exposes someone else (although a video) has not committed a crime?

Adults can do what ever they consent to, and watch whatever they want - I don't care. But kids?

The county attorney should at least charge the teacher with fraud for promoting Keith Haring's work as "art".

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joshiku said...

give me a break - you're view of art is so unbelievably short-sided it's almost laughable. when organizations and other fair-minded individuals get wind of the bull you're spouting, you had better done your art history homework.

straightarrow said...

So joshiku, do you like active live art? Imagine your face a canvas all covered with black, blue, green, and yellow areas in a modernistic random pattern. Sort of Picasso-ish.

If you can advocate for "art" as described above for school kids, I can certainly be convinced to become an artist of "Faces After Conflict, an artistic presentation of diagreement".

Now, don't we all feel better? So ooooooh artistic and all.

strandediniowa said...

Since interpretation of art is up to the individual and my opinion is just as valid as anyone else's, I don't know what your beef is, josh. Unless I gored your particular ox, and in that case, I don't care.

You may need a high-brow critic to tell the world what art is, I don't. If you think something that can be relatively reproduced by a 4 year old is "art", more power to you. Again, I don't care.

While I may appreciate a Piero della Francesca painting, you may not. So what?

No, I didn't pull Francesca's name out of a book, I got a couple of reproductions years ago. Since I work for a living, I could never afford an actual painting, although getting a chance to see the real thing is kind of cool.

Oh, did we want to go on an art history lesson? I have a well-worn Robb and Harrison's "Art in the Western World" in my library. I use that and others as a reference from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by.