Wednesday, May 26, 2010

State is low on cash

WATERLOO -- From Monday to June 4, the Waterloo Police Department, along with other area law enforcement agencies, will participate in the statewide Special Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP). Officers will be enforcing traffic laws with a special emphasis on seat belt and child car seat usage.
Waterloo police doing special traffic enforcement

Remember, it's for your safety.

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straightarrow said...

That reminds me of the big push the State Patrol had a few years back. They had "borrowed" military dope sniffing equipment that was so sensitive it could pick up very minute amounts of banned drugs.

Now, as we all know the money supply in this country is completely exposed to dope residue. Every cash transaction transfers residue to everything one may touch, including his driver's license, his wallet, etc. and so on.

They targeted commercial drivers and would run the CDLs through the equipment, and of course they always returned a "positive", because commercial drivers handle money all over the country.

They arrested and tried many drivers, but never ever did they accept the challenge to test the money in their wallets or on their driver's licenses.

Like cops everywhere, they are just another criminal gang. However, they do have a stricter dress code and official protection because they share the proceeds of their thefts with the official who protect them.

I loved Iowa when I lived there. I loved the people, the geography, some of the weather (not winter), but I found no reason to believe that cops are honorable there. Sadly that doesn't make them different from cops anywhere.