Sunday, May 2, 2010

The country's longest running talk show

The Sportsman's Notebook on Sundays from Noon to 1 pm Central time on WHO radio in Des Moines.

Currently hosted by Keith Kirkpatrick who spoke about his college days at the University of Iowa in the late 40's and 50's
“I even had my shotgun with me at Iowa,” he said. “I wrote a story about my fiancĂ©e and me and another couple going pheasant hunting and got an A-minus. It was the best grade I ever got in college. My professor called me in and asked, ‘Is this true?’ I said, ‘Yes it is,’ and he asked, ‘Do you own a shotgun?’ and I said, ‘It’s out in the trunk of my car do you want to see it?’ Then he asked me, ‘Do you think an outdoor magazine editor would buy a hunting story with women in it?’ My, how times have changed.”

Talking about the great outdoors: Kirkpatrick going strong as host of the nation’s longest-running radio talk show
The times have indeed changed.

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