Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oklahoma "cowards"

In Oklahoma, everyone who openly carries a firearms is a coward. At least that's what a state representative said. Because he doesn't want to allow citizens to carry openly.
Rep. Glen Bud Smithson, a former state trooper, questioned the need to allow people to openly carry their handguns.

"Most people who are confident in themselves don’t need to strut down the street showing everybody their gun,” said Smithson, D-Sallisaw. "Why do they need to show everybody their gun? Because most of them are cowards.” Open carry-weapon bill draws Oklahoma House approval
So would that include law enforcement officers who "strut down the street showing everybody their gun"? He used to be one.

Would there be some projection going on here?


straightarrow said...

uh, YEAH!

strandediniowa said...

I don't think the guy understands the fallacy of his argument.

Open carry = coward. Right