Saturday, May 22, 2010

Retired officer fends off attackers

It's tragic that a young man, just back from Iraq, is shot and killed in a robbery. His father, a retired police officer comes to his aid and returned fire, killing one.
CHICAGO — A 30-year-old Chicago police officer who recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq was shot and killed when several people approached him outside his family's home and tried to steal his new motorcycle, authorities said Thursday.

Police officer back from Iraq is killed in attempted theft
I don't want to make light of this young man who served his country being gunned down over a motorcycle. Those punk thugs deserve hell. But what bothers me is this:
Thomas Wortham IV's father — a retired Chicago police officer — came to his son's aid and shot two of the attackers, killing one of them late Wednesday, police said. Retired police officers are allowed to keep guns.
In Chicago, retired police officers can protect their family and property. Ordinary citizens cannot.

Something's wrong with that.

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