Monday, May 10, 2010

The Professor

An unconventional professor in the Socialist Republic of Johnson County:
For nearly four decades, Rabbi Jay Holstein has been one of the University of Iowa's most popular professors. With a foul mouth, a raunchy sense of humor, and a piercing brilliance, Holstein uses massive 500-student lectures to turn inside-out the most fundamental assumptions on topics as divergent as sex, suicide, and the Holocaust. His courses, including "Quest for Human Destiny," have become the stuff of campus legend, and between firing a Glock and running 10 miles per day, the 69-year-old Holstein spends his office hours wrestling with students over animal experimentation, alcohol use, and homosexuality.

"You know that picture of the Israeli soldiers with guns? I love that--the sight of Jews with guns is very pleasing to me." - Rabbi Jay Holstein
The Work Series


Borepatch said...

We need much more of this - armed, smart liberals.

strandediniowa said...

I've been reading a little more about the guy and I think he leans libertarian. Kind of a live-and-let-live attitude.

And his son was in the 82nd Airborne - not a typical lefty-liberal. And there's a lot of them at the U of Iowa.

Lefty-liberals, that is.