Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unintended Consequences, or is it?

David Codrea writes of the circumstances of a older woman who is treated the same as some young punk beating his girl friend. Does grandma slapping unruly teen warrant lifetime ban on guns?
Thing is, if convicted of domestic violence, Mrs. Collier will join the ranks of "prohibited persons," forbidden by that law to so much as touch a gun.

Perhaps the Bradys could explain how rendering this frail little lady defenseless serves the interests of public safety? Of justice? Of basic human decency? Can anyone seriously imagine her standing a chance against a young male intruder with a little "domestic" violence on his mind?
A very good question that will surely be left unanswered.

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straightarrow said...

When one has no sufficient reason to punish his inferiors because of their compliance with all acceptable standards, but one really, really wants more power over that inferior, one must change the definition of acceptable behavior. If you don't have enough criminals, you must create them.

The young woman is lucky she isn't my daughter. Were she my daughter and talked to either of her grandmothers that way, she would find herself in great need of orthodontia.

the law is an ass, and so are most of its imposers.